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Bison Sausage Pizza

Pizza any way is delicious which is why we wanted to share a super quick recipe with you!

Add cooked bison sausage to any pizza and make it an instant hit.

We'd love to share recipes for pizza dough so you can try adding bison ground, steak, sausage, or other bison meat to your pizza today.


  • Flatbread pizza - check out our recipe here.

    • I'm biased, but this is my favorite.

  • Classic Pizza Dough Recipe - here.

    • I had to add a tad more flour to this than it called for, but very good!

  • Deep Dish Style Dough - here.

    • This was delicious for us!

  • Focaccia Bread - here.

    • I made this (rested for 3 days) and poked the dough with a fork to try super fluffy "pizza dough". I love bread, so this was probably my second favorite!


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