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JJ Bison was founded in 2019 by Gene Maddox to become a family-owned bison farm. The JJ Bison family has a proud history of over 20 years of Bison care experience and pride ourselves in our ability to keep our bison safe and happy. Our farm is currently located in Monkton, Maryland over 75 acres of land. 

As of June 2020, JJ Bison cares for over 20 bison!

At JJ Bison, we believe a bison should be well taken care of throughout its life including feeding them organic food, and letting our bison free-range. This has enabled us to sell to restaurants around Maryland, as well as to individual consumers who want burgers for their grill! 

Our Recipes

We love discovering new, heart-healthy recipes with our bison. If you have a recipe or photo, please send it our way! Our photos of food around our website and social media are all sent from our happy customers both at restaurants and at home. We love seeing your creations and recreating them! 

We post recipes in our blog and always love updating our recipes!

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Phone Number: (443) 252-2099

Email Address: meat@jjbison.com

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