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About Us

Our Story

JJ Bison is located in Monkton, Maryland. Our founder, Gene, and the JJ Bison family have a proud history of over 20 years of Bison care experience working on farms to take care of the bison and the land they graze. Gene and his two children have grown up learning about bison and their care and truly enjoy the magnificent animals. Even their spouses have started to share in the passion of learning about Bison to help however they can on the farm.

JJ Bison is part of the Eastern Bison Association and follow their code of ethics. As such, we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our bison safe and happy while maintaining a grain-supplemented, grass-fed diet. We keep up to date on care standards and enjoy sharing our knowledge of bison with others. JJ Bison encourages learning more about bison and we do our best to update our blog with information to continue growing that knowledge. 

We Love Our Bison!


The farm is currently located in Monkton, Maryland, and we are continuously growing our herd. At JJ Bison, we believe a bison should be well taken care of throughout its life including feeding them organic food and letting our bison free-range. We rotate our bison field to field to optimize the growth rate of the pasture and feed them organic apples or fruits to keep them happy. 

Taking such good care of our bison enables us to sell prime bison cuts including steaks, roasts, burgers, and much more to restaurants around Maryland, as well as to individual consumers who are looking for a heart-healthy alternative to beef. Our bison are butchered by a third-generation family butcher with a USDA certification. At JJ Bison, we only want the best for our bison, as well as our customers, so we value our partnership with a reputable butcher. Our cuts are dry age, measured, and packed immediately, and sealed for the best flavor.


Contact JJ Bison for Quality Bison from farm to table today.


Our Recipes

We love discovering new, heart-healthy recipes with our bison. We’ve made all types of dishes that would normally be made with beef, pork, or even lamb and have seen a positive difference in taste since switching. At JJ Bison, our goal is to create new, fun recipes that you can share with your friends and family, all while eating healthier! Our bison are butchered by a third-generation family butcher with a USDA certification, which means our meat is ensured with quality.

Traditional and New Recipes

We love teaching new ways to cook bison through traditional recipes for roasts, ribs, and steaks, as well as making ‘bison around the world’ recipes where we’ve been making dishes that traditionally would use a different type of meat and mixing it up with bison. We’ve thrown bison BBQs and our friends and family have been impressed and surprised by the great taste of bison! We love finding new recipes to share with our family and hope that you will enjoy them too.

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