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Our bison meats are delicious, mouth-watering, and a heart-healthy alternative to beef. If your family or restaurant is looking for meat that is locally raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, JJ Bison can help! We never purchase bison from out-of-country farms like some competitors, and we ensure our cuts are of the highest quality.


Ground bison is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of recipes. Don't forget a burger for the grill while you're here!

Filet Mignon.jpg

Our bison steaks are better than beef because they're healthier and tastier. Check out all our cuts today.


Bison roasts can be made for any occasion and melt in your mouth. There are so many recipes to choose from!


From osso bucco to marrow bones, our speciality meats are ready to make your dinner special.


Want to show your support for JJ Bison? Checkout our merchandise!


Bison Cuts

Bison can be broken down into several different cuts that JJ Bison has available for your table!​

JJ Bison uses the entire bison when butchering a bison. Using a USDA-certified butcher, steaks, ground meat, and other products are utilized and stored in an industrial freezer.​

Restaurants and families can purchase multiple cuts! If you don't see a cut available above, please contact us today!

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