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Ground Bison & Patties


Ground meat can be used in a variety of recipes from tacos to casseroles. The possibilities are endless when considering what recipes any chef or home cook can use ground bison! Ground bison can also be used to make burgers. Alternatively, you can buy your own bison burgers from us here! We offer a variety of burger sizes that will tickle your tongue with their flavor and juiciness. Checkout our versatile ground bison, and our mouthwatering patties today below.


Ground Bison

Average 1lb

Finely chopped bison that can be used in a variety of recipes including burritos, chili, and even shepherd’s pie!



8 oz. Bison Patties

Average 16 oz. (2 burgers)

4 portions of 8 oz. Formed ground bison used in bison burgers.



4 oz. Bison Patties

Average 1lb (4 burgers)

Juicy burgers ready for the grill!



6 oz. Bison Patties

Average 1.5lbs (4 burgers)

4 portions of 6 oz. burgers great on any bun with a variety of condiments.


Bison Roasts


Bison roasts, just like beef roasts, are a great way to make a meal for your family or restaurant and have tons of leftovers. These roasts can be cooked in a variety of ways including pot roast, searing and slow roasting, braising, roasting, and slow-cooking. Roasts are super popular at restaurants and at JJ Bison, we carry a wide selection for your restaurant and home. Check-out our options below all weighing 3-5lbs.


Roast Brisket

The brisket is a cut from the lower chest of the bison. This cut is particularly popular for pot roast.


Prime Rib.jpg

Roast Prime Rib, Ribeye

This cut of meat is from the rib itself and is very tender.


Chuck Roast Pro.jpg

Roast Chuck

After browning this roast, it's popular to slow-cook this as it is a naturally tougher piece of meat.



Roast Tenderloin

A large cut of meat from the tenderloin which is perfect for slow cooks and looks beautiful when cut!


london broil.jpg

Roast London Broil

London broil is a lean cut of meat that is great for roasts!


Top Roast.jpg

Roast Top Round

Typically used for deli meat, roast top round is cut from the hind leg and is very tender and juicy. This is perfect braised, roasted, stewed, or in a slow cooker. You can even slice it for delicious bison sandwiches. 


Bison Steaks


At JJ Bison, we love our steaks! Because bison is leaner than beef and grass-fed, we do recommend cooking our bison at rare - medium (120 - 135°F) where it will still have that beautiful pink color. Steak can be used in a variety of ways such as steak sandwiches, fajitas, and of course, your amazing steak! Checkout our selection below for a heart-healthy alternative to beef.


Filet Mignon

Average 6 oz., 1-1.5" thick

A filet mignon is a succulent piece of bison from the end of the tenderloin. The filet mignon is usually the most prized part of the bison because it contains less connective tissue and is extremely tender.



Delmonico Steak

Average 12.5 oz., 1-1.5" thick

The Delmonico is a high-quality cut of meat that is very thick and tender. It is cut from the rib or short loin. We recommend grilling or broiling this steak due to its thickness and marbling.



Chipped Steak

Weight Varies

Chipped Steak is bison that is cut extremely thin and can be used in a variety of recipes including sandwiches, and even as a pizza topping!



T-Bone Steak

Average 14.5 oz., 1-1.5" thick

The T-Bone steak has a "T"-shaped bone with sections of the muscle on either side. The T-bone is tender and great for BBQs! 



Sirloin Steak

Average 24.5 oz., 1-1.5" thick

The sirloin steak is near the posterior of the bison. The sirloin has no bones and has less fat than other cuts. This is perfect for grilling, broiling, sautéeing, or pan-frying.


NY Strip Steak.jpg

NY Strip Steak

Average 9.5 oz., 1-1.5" thick

The strip steak is a tender cut of bison steaks from the short loin from a bison. It often has less fat than other pieces of bison. 


Grilled Steak

Petite Tender

Average 15 oz., 1-1.5" thick

This cut of meat is taken from the shoulder and is typically very lean due to the muscle of the shoulder. It’s a perfect cut to grill or broil!



Flat Iron Steak

Weight varies, 1-1.5" thick

Flat iron steak is cut from the shoulder of the bison. It is well-marbled and flavorful which makes it perfect for grilling to deliver a juicy piece of tender bison.



Porterhouse Steak

Average 18 oz., 1-1.5" thick

Porterhouse steaks are from the rear end of the short loin and provide some fat on the end of a lean bison steak.


Skirt Steak.jpg

Skirt Steak

Weight Varies, 1-1.5" thick

Skirt steak is cut from the diaphragm area of bison. It is very tender and juicy and is best cooked at high heat to hit a perfect rare - medium.


Other Meat


At JJ Bison, we utilize as much of the bison as we can which includes using cuts like the heart and tail! See our specialty cuts below.


Bison Jerky

Per Pack

Bison jerky is a trimmed and pressed piece of bison that has been cut into strips and dried with spice.



Bison Heart

Weight Varies

The bison heart is one of the lesser known cut of bison. It is tough and low in fat and cooks well quickly, or in slow cooks.



Short Rib

Average 16.5 oz. , 1-1.5" thick

The short rib is taken from the brisket, chuck, or rib areas of bison. It also includes a short portion of the rib bone with delicious, tender meat surrounding the bone.



Bison Cuts

Bison can be broken down into several different cuts which JJ Bison has available for your table!

JJ Bison uses the entire bison when butchering a bison. Using a USDA certified butcher, steaks, ground meat, and other products are utilized and stored in an industrial freezer.

Restaurants and families can purchase multiple cuts! If you don't see a cut available above, please contact us today!

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