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Working with Your Family


How to Start Enjoying Bison with Your Family

At JJ Bison, we know families are making the switch to healthier alternatives to beef that will help your family thrive. We treat your family like our family and provide you with the tools to ensure your meals are delicious. We also ship bison directly to you!  Our bison are butchered by a USDA-approved shop that flash-freezes and vacuum seal our bison to maximize the flavor directly out of the package. 

Store Hours:

Saturday 11 AM - 3 PM

Wednesday: 4 PM - 6 PM

Appointments are also available if none of the above times work for you!

Address: 10815 Beaver Dam Rd suite K, Cockeysville, MD 21030


Why bison is better for your family

Bison has a variety of benefits for both your family and the environment.

Ecological Benefits

Bison are fantastic for the environment and economy for a number of reasons. When you support small businesses like JJ Bison, you’re supporting a local business to provide jobs to the area. Farms such as JJ Bison not only enrich the soil but also increase air quality and promote the healthy growth of grass. Additionally, bison aerate the land with their hooves and produce fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional cows.

Superior Taste

While bison is a healthy alternative to beef, bison also provides a superior taste. Compared to beef, bison has a sweeter and richer taste than beef. Because beef is naturally fattier, bison should be cooked at a lower temperature to ensure the bison is hot and juicy to perfection.

Better For Your Family’s Health

Bison is recommended by doctors over beef due to the numerous health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Lower calories: Bison has less than 80 calories per 100g than beef alone.

  • Higher protein: Compared to beef, bison has more protein than beef, and that protein keeps your family more full throughout the day.

  • Lower in cholesterol: Cholesterol is extremely important for your body, and it is important to also keep your cholesterol levels at a safe level to decrease risks of cardiovascular diseases.

  • No growth hormone or antibiotics: Hormones are often introduced to farm animals to keep the animal’s size large and produce more meat. However, this is often bad for us, and the animals, so JJ Bison does not contribute to this practice.

Customers have raved that they have lost weight by switching to this beef alternative, and doctors and fitness experts alike agree that bison is a fantastic way to ensure your family is eating healthier.


Switch To Bison and Eat Healthier Today!

Bison Bourguignon over Tagliatelle.JPG

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I loved your product. My husband is an excellent cook, and I wanted you to see what he made with the Bison Short Ribs - Bison Bourguignon over Tagliatelle

It was delicious! We will be ordering again in the near future.

- Linda


Our Bison Meats

We recognize that all cooks have a variety of skill sets and we’re here to help you with our recipes to enjoy bison to its full extent. Our customers enjoy a variety of meats with the top meats being:

  • Ground beef

  • Burgers

  • Steaks (NY Strip, Sirloin, chipped steak, and filet mignon)

  • Roasts (chuck roast, brisket, etc.)

  • Bison Jerky


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