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Working with Restaurants

How We Serve Your Guests

At JJ Bison, our goal is that your guests’ experience revolves not just around your incredible service and delicious recipes, but also the meat you serve. Our goal is to continue to serve you and your clients with fresh, grass-fed bison that is vacuum-sealed and arrives ready to thaw and cook.

We will work with your team to ensure that meat arrives to you in the best possible way to better support your business needs. This includes delivery, pick-up, or even shipping if desired. Our team successfully works with several restaurants and one of our partners even won the World Food Championship Qualifier with our bison tenderloin Milanese. We guarantee whatever meat you buy from us will be restaurant-ready for your chefs to prepare perfectly for your clients.

At JJ Bison, we have a large variety of meats that are on par with and even higher quality than beef. Bison by nature has a more tender and juicy taste and is also healthier than traditional meats such as beef, pork, and lamb.


Our Bison Cuts

We offer a variety of heart-healthy options such as:

  • Prime Rib

  • Steaks (such as Delmonico, sirloin, filet mignon, NY Strip Steak, and many more!)

  • Burgers

  • Ground Beef

  • Roasts (such as brisket, chuck, london broil, tenderloin, and top round)

  • Speciality options such as heart or tail


How We Deliver

At JJ Bison, we work with you and your team to deliver bison when you need it. You can call us at (443) 252-2099, or email us at to organize a delivery that will best fit your business needs.

When working with JJ Bison, you also have a variety of options to pay that will best fit your budget and schedule. You can either pay on delivery with a check or pay later via invoice at a later time.


Working with Your Team

At JJ Bison, we understand that restaurants are currently under covid-19 restrictions in Maryland and we want to do everything in our power to keep you and your staff safe and successful. We will deliver your bison to the door of the establishment if desired, and safely wait for a team member to pick up the meat. Our team wears masks when entering facilities and follows social distancing guidelines. We are happy to work with any approved team members to ensure your steaks, roasts, and other cuts are delivered to the right people every time.


Add Bison to Your Menu Today!

Some of The Restaurants We Work With


Casa Mia's in Parkton

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White Oak Tavern

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An Poitin Stil

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Cafe Mezzanotte

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Peacekeeper Pitshack

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