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"The bison adds a nice flavor. The tenderloin tips were really tender. Very tasty!"

Linda E.


"Your bison burgers were so fresh and delicious last night! We loved them!... I’m obsessed. It was so good. My new favorite dinner."

 Azita D.


"Excellent and friendly customer service and delicious meat. Best bison company on the east coast hands down!!!!"

- James H.

"Gene made the ordering and pick up process very smooth; the overall quality of the meat was excellent as well!"

- Ron G.


— Steve M.


"I try to buy bison once a week now because it's so good! I make all sorts of things like empanadas and everything!"

— Kristina P.

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I loved your product. .. It was delicious! We will be ordering again in the near future."


"I'm lucky because not only have I enjoyed the meat personally I m also able to sell at the Bar I work at the Stil in Timonium. The customers have really enjoyed their Bison Burgers and are excited to hear that the company is locally owned. Always buy local FIRST. Continued Success"

- John C.


"Great small business. The animals are kept happy and the owner is an all-around great guy. You can be assured that JJ Bison will give you great products and that the animals have been well looked after. In addition, buying locally reduces the relative ecological footprint."

Greg M.


"Great tasting, high-quality bison meat. My wife and I have tried steaks, roasts, and ground beef from JJ Bison. Everything was delicious and we are glad to support a local farm instead of buying factory-farmed beef."

— John S.


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