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JJ Bison Ride-along

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Our Customers' Photos

If you have a recipe or photo, please send it our way! Our photos of food around our website and social media are sent from our happy customers both at restaurants and at home. We love seeing your creations, recreating, and sharing them. If you ever want to submit a photo of your amazing bison dish, send us an email at with your photo and we will gladly post it on our site for all to see. 


At JJ Bison, we love seeing our customer's photos! Not only did our family make the food you see on our blog and this page, but our customers as well! Our photos are from restaurants and consumers alike and every photo looks delicious and unique from bison sirloin steaks to bison chuck roasts. You can see our blog here where we’ve posted some of our, and our customer’s recipes for you to make your own! Don’t forget to send in your recipe and photos below so we can add them to the site and post them on social media!

In addition to our many fabulous dishes, we also have a beautiful herd of grass-grazing bison. We love taking photos of the magnificent bison and showing them off for everyone to see! We have photos of our bull, cows, calves, and yearlings. To learn more about bison and how we care for them, check out our information here.


Do you have photos for us? Don’t forget to email us at! If you would like credit for the photo, we’ll provide credit to you on our website and social media posts - just leave your name!

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