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Serving Maryland


About The Farm

At JJ Bison, we take great care of our free-ranging bison. Our farm allows our bison to freely roam around, and are regularly migrated from pastures to continue to grow fresh grass. At JJ Bison, we offer organic, grass-fed Bison to customers in Maryland! Our qualified team is here to help you get the best bison for your table. We keep our product frozen and vacuum-sealed so it is ready for your freezer.

Why Choose Bison Over Other Proteins 

Check out our Bison recipes and pick out a favorite! We do our best to add tons of unique recipes that would normally be done with beef, and new and exciting recipes for bison as well! From slow cooker pot roast and prime rib to burgers and steaks, our Bison can’t be beaten. We strive to put quality meat from our farm to your table. By buying local, you support small businesses in Maryland, help Maryland’s economy, and assist the environment. Additionally, you will be doing your heart a favor by switching to a low-cholesterol alternative red meat. Discover all the health benefits over other meats on our nutrition page


Where We Serve

At JJ Bison, we serve restaurants and consumers all across the Maryland area! Below are some of the many areas we serve in Maryland:

  • Baltimore City

  • Cockeysville

  • Columbia

  • Essex

  • Herford

  • Monkton

  • Owings Mills

  • Towson

  • Westminster

We've also shipped to other states in the United States such as Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even as far as Florida!


Get in touch with us

Contact us today to place your order and experience the great flavor of the original heart-healthy North American red meat. Contact us today, email us at, or call us at (443) 252 - 2099 to order your bison today!


Some of Our Photos

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