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Bison Organ Meats & Bones

At JJ Bison, we utilize as much of the bison as we can which includes using cuts like the heart and tail! See our specialty cuts below.


Bison Heart


Weight Varies

The bison heart is one of the lesser-known cuts of bison. It is tough and low in fat and cooks well quickly, or in slow cooks.

Hot Italian Sausage


A delicious sausage with a kick!

Bison Jerky


Average 4 oz.

Bison jerky is a trimmed and pressed piece of bison that has been cut into strips and dried with spice.

Bison Kielbasa


A delicious sausage to share with friends and family!


Bison Liver


Weight Varies

The liver is perfect to meet the daily recommended amount of vitamins and is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in bison, or any animal.


Bison Marrow Bone


Weight Varies

Marrow bones are great for dogs, or even just soup! 


Bison Dog Treats


4 oz.

Bison dog treats made with bison heart and liver. Grain-free, preservative-free, and made with all-natural ingredients. 


Osso Buco


Weight Varies

Osso Buco comes from the shank of the bison, and contains a bone as well as tender meat.

Short Rib


Average 16 oz.

The short rib is taken from the brisket, chuck, or rib areas of bison. It includes a short portion of the rib bone with delicious, tender meat around the bone.

Image by Sanket Shah

Stew Cubes


Weight Varies

Cubed bison perfect for, you guessed it, stew! (amongst other things)


Bison Tongue


Weight Varies

Bison tongue is rich in vitamins and can be used in a variety of recipes and cooked different ways.


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