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Bison Benefits Over Pork

We’ve already discussed how bison is more beneficial to your health than beef, but now let’s touch base on pork! Pork can be used in a variety of ways from chops to bacon. Several recipes embrace pork due to its sweet and savory taste and firm texture, but did you know that bison is actually more beneficial than pork (and tastes better)?

Bison Versus Pork Living Conditions

As we know, bison at JJ Bison are primarily grass-fed and free-ranging. This allows bison to be much leaner than traditional meats. Pork, however, typically has a much different life than the largely unrestricted bison. Pigs are often raised in a tight environment, and according to articles online, often live on floors instead of the great outdoors.


As bison are able to run free at JJ Bison, they are very lean as compared to proteins such as pork. Bison have a better total fatty acid concentration with more natural vitamins than other meat. This includes leading the charge in omega-3 foods despite red meat having a poor reputation.

Pork, however, contains much more total fat, as well as saturated fat than bison, and contains many more calories per ounce than bison or even beef. For every 100g, pork contains over 5g more of total fat than bison. It also has about 2mg less iron than bison per 100g. Iron is extremely important for us as it helps facilitate oxygen moving throughout the body and promotes growth and development.

Finally, it is important to consider what processed meat does to our bodies. According to the World Health Organization, processed meats, such as ham, bacon, and sausage, have been linked to cancer.

What They Eat

Although there are exceptions, during their life, pigs tend to consume waste and unhealthy food products. This is because 97% of pigs currently live their lives on factory farms with controlled diets to allow them to grow faster and bigger. Pigs become more saturated with more toxins than other animals and can carry parasites in their meat which can be difficult to kill even when heated. Fortunately, bison are mainly grass grazing, and so they are healthier than pigs.

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While pork is delicious, we suggest you switch to a heart-healthy, and free-ranging option.

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