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Sustainable Bison Meat You Can Trust

Visit our store or partner for fresh, delicious cuts delivered to your door.

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JJ Bison is open for walk-in store visits and appointments!


  • Wednesdays: 4 PM - 6 PM

  • Saturdays: 11 AM - 3 PM

Location: 10815 Beaver Dam Rd suite K, Cockeysville, MD 21030


JJ Bison Is Your Local Farm to Table Bison Provider

JJ Bison's farm is located in Monkton, Maryland where we take care of our bison herd, and our future store/pickup location is located in Cockeysville, Maryland. We are a locally owned and operated family farm and we take pride in our grass-grazing and organically fed bison. We love visiting our bison and even bring them organic apples as treats! We serve restaurants and consumers with a multitude of cuts including pot roasts, steaks, burgers, and much more! Our bison are served in restaurants around Maryland and on family tables all around Maryland including White Hall, Cockeysville, Towson, and Essex. We enjoy hearing your feedback and love the opportunity to provide a heart-healthy option for your meals.

Bison are fantastic for the economy, environment, and even your health! Check out more reasons why you and your family should switch to bison over traditional meats today.

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We provide farm fresh bison right to your table with a variety of cuts including roasts, steaks, ground options, and even meats such as jerky for hikes! We have options for every meal.


We love making bison recipes for our products and taste testing! When we find a winner, we add it to our site for you to enjoy! Keep up to date with bison updates and recipes here.


Your Home and Restaurant

JJ Bison services local restaurants and your family. We have the privilege of providing bison cuts to several restaurants around Maryland and love hearing when our products are on your menu! For those of you at home, bison is more heart-healthy than traditional meat which makes it great for your family to stay healthy and eat a delicious meal. At JJ Bison, we pride ourselves in our farm fresh bison served straight to your table either in a restaurant or in your dining room. We service both families and your clients with our organic bison. Prepare to impress your family with our farm-raised bison.

Our Bison Meat

At JJ Bison, we serve a variety of meats including steaks, roasts, ground meat, and burgers! Our meats are lean and juicy, and make a perfect alternative to beef if you’re looking for a change to a healthier protein. Learn more about the cuts we offer and grill, broil, slow cook, your meat today!

Our Customer Photos

We love to see the impact we make on your family! View photos submitted by people on social media and businesses who have tried our bison recipes and made their own! We also have photos of our bison herd enjoying the pasture and fields and love to post photos of the new calves.


How We Care for our Herd

Grass-grazing bison do their part in protecting the environment by promoting healthy grass growth. In addition to the environmental benefits, bison also tastes superior to beef with a richer and juicer taste. Bison are known for being more heart-healthy than other meats and carries an abundance of vitamins.

​Our Bison are organically fed and grass grazing to provide your table with a nutritious meal. Learn more about the health benefits of bison over traditional meat like beef, chicken, or pork! Bison is low in cholesterol and tastes even better than other meat alternatives!

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Want to visit our store in Cockeysville? 


  • Wednesdays: 4 PM - 6 PM

  • Saturdays: 11 AM - 3 PM

  • By appointment if the above times don't work for you

Location: 10815 Beaver Dam Rd suite K, Cockeysville, MD 21030

What People Are Saying


Cafe Mezzanotte

"Bison Short Rib shaved celery root ribbon, garlic roasted lions mane mushroom, braising jus demi glacé, cranberry and poached pear gremolata, celery micros!"

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