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Why Are Bison Trending?

Although many have always known bison wandered the great United States, most were not aware that bison also roamed in farms and were a great alternative for popular proteins. As the bison population continues to grow and people seek alternative sources for meat during the pandemic for a variety of reasons, bison farmers are seeing a rise in bison popularity.

Healthy Bison in Parks and Social Media

In 2016, the American Prairie Reserve noted that the bison population has grown more than 40% while expanding their territory all while keeping healthy despite the elements. The Prairie report further notes that the local ecosystem surrounding bison also largely improved which was a welcome surprise to researchers. In the past, there was reason to believe the bison population was dwindling, however, reports such as that from the American Prairie Reserve prove the bison population is continuing to grow.

While researchers have noticed the bison trend growing, a multitude of tourists have also discovered herds of bison during hikes and explorations in National Parks National Park’s visitation rates have largely increased due to the pandemic. As the numbers of tourists and explorers increase, we have seen more videos of bison weaving through traffic, warning tourists against getting too close to their herds, and generally appreciating the wildlife. According to the new social media posts, many ‘influencers’ actively seek out bison on excursions. Although park services recommend visitors stay a minimum of 25 yards away from bison, photos with wild animals are a growing trend online.

For the above reasons such as the growing bison population, more visitors to National Parks, and the social media boom, bison are visibly trending online. Although it is highly recommended to stay well over 25 yards away from bison, the trend to see the bison is undeniable.

The Taste Trend

Along with the social media craze, the bison taste trend is also growing in popularity. As many have seen across the globe, the cost of all types of proteins drastically increased from previous prices. As many see this rise in price, they are looking to seek alternatives such as wild game meat that can compare to traditional meats. Bison, as an example, used to be considered more of a delicacy for high-end parties or special occasions, but now non-native bison can be seen throughout grocery stores. Due to this increased supply of bison coupled with the increased cost of traditional meats, people are leaning more towards bison as an alternative due to the environmentally-friendly option that packs in protein and vitamins to every bite.

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