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Fun Facts about Bison

Today we’re exploring some little-known facts about bison that you can share with friends and family to impress them!

  1. Bison are the only wild cattle native to North America and were never domesticated by Native Americans, or Europeans despite their best efforts.

  2. Bison can go from 0 to 35mp and jump over 6 feet!

  3. During the winter during high snow, bison use their heads to push slow like a natural snow plower!

  4. A baby bison born late March through May are called “red dogs”! This is due to their orange-red color. Within a few months, the calve's fur will change to more of a brown color.

  5. Bison are nearsighted! Bison can hear and smell things better than we can, but they can’t really see all that well. They communicate using snorts, grunts, and bellows to let other bison know they’re there.

  6. The scientific name for bison is “bison bison”!

  7. Our bison in America can be traced to southern Asia through fossils! Fossil records show that bison were in Asia thousands of years ago. The bison fossils found were that of “steppe bison” which looked similar to the modern-day bison except with a double hump on their back and larger horns.

  8. Bison are the largest mammal in North America, towering over 6 feet tall!

  9. Theodore Roosevelt helped save the bison! [Read more here]

  10. Bison have no natural predators, though weaker bison are at risk of predators like wolves.

  11. Bison are so well known, they have their own National holiday!

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