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What Can The Average Person Do To Help Grow the Bison Population?

Bison are an iconic part of the American West, but their population has been declining for centuries. Before the 1800s, there were an estimated 30 million bison in North America. Today, there are only about 30,000.

Several factors have contributed to the decline of the bison population, including hunting, habitat loss, and disease. Hunting was the primary cause of the bison's decline in the 1800s. Bison were hunted for their meat, hides, and tongues. In just a few decades, the bison population was significantly reduced.

Habitat loss is another major factor that has contributed to the decline of the bison population. Bison need large areas of open range to roam and graze. As human development has encroached on bison habitat, the bison have been forced to live in smaller and smaller areas. This has made them more vulnerable to disease and other threats.

Many things can be done to help restore the bison population. One important step is to protect the bison habitat. This can be done by creating and managing bison preserves and by working to reduce human development in areas where bison live.

Finally, we can help to restore the bison population by simply being aware of the issue and by supporting organizations that are working to protect bison, such as JJ Bison and other local farms.

Here are some specific things that you can do to help restore the bison population:

  • Donate to organizations that are working to protect bison.

  • Contact your elected officials and urge them to support policies that protect bison habitat.

  • Educate yourself about bison and the threats they face.

  • Choose to eat bison meat instead of beef.

  • Support bison ranches that practice sustainable grazing practices.

Every little bit helps. By taking action, we can help to ensure that bison have a bright future in North America.


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