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Bison vs. Woolly Mammoth: Who Would Win?

Bison and woolly mammoths are two of the most iconic animals of the North American continent. Both are large, powerful creatures with a long history of living in the region. Mammoths are regarded as majestic beasts remembered in movies while bison roam free today. Given that a fight between the two is obviously out of the question, which one would win in a fight?

There are several factors to consider when trying to answer this question including agility, size, reach, and group mentality. Bison are assumed to be more agile than woolly mammoths, and they are much faster. Bison can run up to 35mph, but Woolly Mammoths are only thought to run about 26mph. While they cannot run as quickly, woolly mammoths are much larger and stronger than bison and have tusks and trunks that would be able to help ward off bison's horns. In a head-on charge, the woolly mammoth would likely have the advantage. Its sheer size and weight would be too much for the bison to handle. However, if the bison were able to get around the mammoth's flank, it could use its horns to inflict serious damage. As bison are thought to be more agile than Woolly Mammoths, it may help them in a fight. Additionally, due to their speed, the bison would be able to run away quicker for defense.

Thus, in a one-on-one fight, the Wooly Mammoth may win due to their size and stature alone. However, if the fight was between a pack of bison, JJ Bison believes the bison would win as multiple bison would approach from several angles making it difficult for the Woolly Mammoth to defend himself.

*This data is compiled by JJ Bison and is obviously hypothetical as no one knows the mammoth's true strengths. We are not experts and this is for fun.


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