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Animal Versus Plant Protein & Why Bison is Important

As the push for vegetarianism grows, we want to examine the difference between animal and plant proteins, and why animals, such as bison, are so important to our bodies and nutrition.

Broccoli versus Steak

The short, and incomplete answer to this question is no, we do not need animals for protein. However, often in order to meet the equivalent of animal protein in plant protein, you may have to eat a great deal more vegetables to sustain yourself, as well as judge the quality of the protein. You may have seen the sign "Beef has 6.4 grams of protein/100 calories and Broccoli has 11.1 grams of protein/100 calories". Let’s quickly break this down. Bison contains about 21g of protein per 100g, while broccoli per 93g only boasts a total protein of 2.5g. To eat the equivalent broccoli to bison, you would need to eat over 8.4 cups of broccoli. Can you imagine eating 8 cups of broccoli, the equivalent of almost 2 liters, a liter of coca-cola, just to match the ~4oz of steak it would take to get the same amount of protein? There’s no doubt that broccoli, or any vegetable, has vital vitamins that human beings need to sustain a healthy diet, but there is an easier way to get the sustenance we need in smaller, less calorie-dense quantities.

How Much Protein Do We Need A Day?

According to Healthline, the average sedentary man needs 56g/day of protein, and the average sedentary woman needs 46g/day of protein. Using our broccoli example above, that’s over 20 cups of broccoli alone, just for protein!! There are several vegetables such as edamame, lentils, and pinto beans that are almost close to equivalent to that of bison, but they still don’t hold a candle to that of our protein, iron, and B-12 vitamins, and taste packed friend. We need protein to build healthy bones and to make hair, blood, connective tissue, antibodies, enzymes, and more. We should be eating a balanced diet that promotes a healthy balance of protein and other nutrients.

So What Should We Do?

According to the FDA, we should have a plate breakdown of the following:

  • ½ plate fruit and veggies

  • ¼ plate of whole grains

  • ¼ plate of protein

That leaves plenty of room for your ½ plate of broccoli, and a healthy portion of bison to obtain your B12, iron, and much more that is needed for a healthy diet. Since bison contains more vitamins and nutrients than your traditional red meat, it’s time to switch to a healthier diet. We promote bison because it's lower in calories, cholesterol, fat, and is rich in omega 3s. Bison is a heart-healthy alternative to beef and should be considered on your plate next to the giant heap of broccoli.

Contact us today, email us at, or call us at (443) 252 - 2099 to order your bison today!


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