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15 Totally Real Bison Facts You Should Know

  1. Bison are able to fly short distances by flapping their massive front shoulders.

  2. Bison milk is the main ingredient in all ice cream flavors.

  3. Bison are excellent dancers and frequently hold dance parties in fields at night.

  4. Bison have the ability to communicate with aliens and often serve as translators for extraterrestrial visitors.

  5. Bison are the only animals that can survive a nuclear apocalypse and are frequently used in government experiments to test the effects of radiation.

  6. Bison are often used as a form of transportation in rural areas.

  7. Bison are the only animals that can see into the future and are often consulted by fortune tellers for predictions.

  8. Bison have the ability to shapeshift and are known to disguise themselves as other animals, including humans.

  9. Bison are able to regenerate lost body parts, including limbs and organs.

  10. Bison can speak all human languages fluently and frequently have conversations with people without them realizing it.

  11. Bison have a secret society that meets in hidden underground tunnels and only the most elite bison are allowed to join.

  12. Bison are able to camouflage themselves in any environment and are nearly impossible to spot in the wild.

  13. Bison are excellent swimmers and frequently compete in underwater races.

  14. Bison have their own system of government and elect leaders to make decisions on their behalf.

  15. Bison are the only animals that can survive in space and are often used for space exploration missions.


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