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Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate Independence Day with Delicious, Sustainable Bison from JJ Bison!

As fireworks light up the sky and we gather with loved ones, let's celebrate American freedom and responsible agriculture! Here at JJ Bison, we're proud to raise our bison herd ethically and sustainably here in Maryland.

Why Choose Bison for Your 4th of July BBQ?

  • Healthier Option: Compared to beef, bison is naturally leaner, boasting more protein and less fat. Fuel your summer fun with a healthy and satisfying alternative.

  • Superior Flavor: Bison offers a unique taste profile, often described as slightly sweeter and more nuanced than beef. Impress your guests with a delicious and memorable meal.

  • Support Local Farmers: By choosing JJ Bison, you're supporting a family-owned farm dedicated to sustainable practices.

How to Shop JJ Bison for Your 4th of July Celebration:

  • Shop Online & Schedule a Pick-Up: Browse our selection of roasts, steaks, burgers, and more at JJBISON.COM and schedule a convenient pick-up time.

  • Walk-In Shopping: Looking for a quick and easy solution? Our store is open for walk-in shopping on Saturdays (11 AM - 3 PM) and Wednesdays (4 PM - 6 PM).

  • Book an Appointment: Need a little more flexibility? We offer appointments outside of our regular store hours. Just give us a call!

  • Chesapeake Farm-to-Table Delivery*: Enjoy home delivery for ultimate convenience. Check out our partners at Chesapeake Farm-to-Table for JJ Bison delivered straight to your door. (sale price not included when purchasing from Chesapeake Farm-to-Table)

Don't Miss Out! Our 5% off sale ends July 8th on select steaks, in-stock roasts, and bison burgers.

Let's celebrate freedom, delicious food, and sustainable farming this 4th of July!  We wish you a happy and safe holiday from all of us at JJ Bison.


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