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Covid Antibodies Produced in Cattle to be Tested

Covid-19 impacted families around the world in a multitude of difficult ways in 2020 and continues into 2022. As coronavirus continues to impact people in every nation, a research study also investigated how covid has impacted the cattle industry and how covid antibodies could lead to future benefits.

In the study by SAB Biotherapeutics, a herd of cattle was studied to see if it could produce human antibodies to neutralize coronavirus. In a trial by the National Health Institute (NHI), antibodies produced by these bovines are being tested for their potential health benefits. In this test, two different doses of the cattle-antibodies were tested in people with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Although the study has not been reviewed by other scientists, The cattle-antibodies, known as SAB-185, is seen as a significant milestone to combat covid-19.

The study suggests that there seems to be a significant level of neutralizing antibodies, more than is found in vaccinated people due to the cattle being repeatedly injected with the antibodies. To create these antibodies, cattle are injected with a non-infectious version of the coronavirus,

and the cattle then, in turn, develop antibodies to fight the virus. This is done several times in order for the animal to ultimately build high levels of neutralizing antibodies.

While it should be noted that the tests still face further scrutiny, the results do seem promising that in the future we may be able to utilize cattle and other animals to aid in future outbreaks.


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