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6 Interesting Health Benefits of Bison Meat

Everyone is looking to eat healthier today, but it can be so hard to give up that juicy burger or nice steak dinner. What if you didn't have to? Instead, just change the meat. While traditional beef has its drawbacks, lean meats like son actually have health benefits. We'll take a look at them, but first some nutritional facts:

According to the USDA, four ounces of lean grass-fed bison meat has about:

More Likely to Be Grass Fed

While the majority of U.S. beef is raised on cattle farms and sent to traditional slaughterhouses, Bison, including Gunpowder Bison, is raised in its natural habitat, grass-fed and lives a much healthier life. They are never given antibiotics or hormones. This means better tasting and more nutritious meat. Superior Source of Protein

Protein is a nutritional building block. It helps us lose weight and build muscle. Bison meat is an excellent source of lean protein and beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Bison meat is also low in saturated fats and has fewer calories than beef.

High In Vitamin B

Vitamin B is important for our metabolism, immune system and to help keep our nervous system healthy. Bison is naturally high in B vitamins regardless of the cut you choose. Proper vitamin B levels will help you be more efficient at converting the food you eat to energy.

A Good Source of Antioxidants

Bison meat is a great way to improve your intake of selenium. Selenium acts as an antioxidant to fight inflammation and preventing oxidative stress. Some studies have shown that adult men who consume bison rather than beef tend to have healthier blood lipid panels, which is important for heart health.

High in Iron

Iron is an important part of overall health, but many, particularly women, tend to have low levels of it, resulting in fatigue and anemia. Bison meat is very high in iron, and its more absorbent than plant sources and easier on the stomach than supplements.

Eating healthy doesn't mean having to give up the foods you love. Lean bison gives you more nutrition and less fat while providing great flavor in all your favorite beef dishes from burgers to stews.


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